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Before sending an inqury please go through the FAQ section below for a possible answer to your question.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Mechanical & Technical
(Moped won't start/doesn't work, mixture, fluids, spark plugs, manuals..)

For the factory Troubleshooting guide or engine data go to the Tech corner section. If you still cannot solve the problem, it is probably too big to handle via email.

Buying & Availability
(Moped models, spare parts, prices, dealers,..)

Check out the Price List with references on the main page for moped prices and the Links section for Tomos™ dealers. This website does not get compensated for providing and therefore cannot endorse information of commercial nature.

(Hop-up & Tuning information, photos,..)

Information not available on the site is rarely forwarded. If there is enough interest in a subject (like OEM moped defects, etc.), it will get online. "How to hit 50 mph on a moped" type inquiries get no atention.

Haven't found what you're looking for? Just want to share? Send mail.