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A35 series

From scott garner
Hi All! I have now owned my Tomos Targa for almost 2 years. Speedometer has reached over 8000km. Its been a fantastic moped, only some small problem and the poorly designed kickstand. I have a biturbo muffer that has been working good, except I did require the dealer to get the carbon out of the muffler port and piston. After all i drive this vehicle as my second vehicle, to work 5 days a week, 21 km a day. Very reliable. Unfortunately I live in a big GM town, most drivers drive mini vans or pickup trucks, usually with one or maybe two people in the dam vehicle. I guess gas money is no object where i live. If only these folks new how to drive vans, they forget or in most cases don,t really care about you in on thier back door. Oh well Hope the rest of the world having fun driving mopeds I Know I love mine. Happy mopeding Scott Garner
From Antonio DiPendenzo
When I ride my Tomos, reality fades as I am swept into a world of unparalleled freedom. It is an almost sexual experience. I become truly overjoyed at the mere sight of my shiny hog. I currently have an all-motor Tomos but am going to add a bi-turbo exhaust and new piston and head. I cannot wait for these grin-inducing engine enhancements as they will greatly increase the raw power of my beast. Thank you Tomos for transcending the field of Mopeds and manufacturing a true piece of excellence!!!
My moped is the coolest, it has changed my life in many aspects. It's intense speeds have altered my sense of reality. My love life has intensified due to my purchace of a tomos scooter. The product truly transcends the boundaries of our existence.
From Josh Marcus
I own a 1996 Tomos Sprint A35. I have been in 2 accidents (one over the handleabars, one falling to the side, both because of sand) with it and I still love it. I have put nearly 2000 miles on it in 2 years, ride it everyday. It is a different type of moped and the name is interesting. It is the greatest bike to cruise around the neighboorhood, got to school, the store, and its so easy to manuever. I love how almost anyone can work on them and there are tones of aftermaket parts. Thanks Tomos
From Lloyd (from Toronto area)
Bought a Tomos Targa LX last summer and love it. Had a problem about 2 weeks after I brought it home - seems the ballbearings in the engine (?) got damaged - took the garage 3 weeks to get in the parts and fix the darn thing. That was a lot of lost travel time for me as I had grown to depend on the Tomos to get me around every day here in Toronto. The Canadian distributor was helpful but you still have to deal with your local garage and they don't give Tomos repairs much priority I'm afraid. Just waiting now for the recall kit to come in to my dealer so he can get the brakes fixed up. That should take another few weeks !!!

I am planning on driving this thing 100+ kms per day to a new job later this month. I hope it's up to the challenge. So far I love it but I'm not feeling very confident about its ability to sustain a lengthy ride.

BTW - other drivers on the road are @^^%$@#! - tired of getting hassled, horns honked, etc. I try and stay as far to the right as I humanly can but these idiots can't figure out that they can go around me and continue on at their usual 70 kms per hour in a 40 zone. Unbelievable....
From Macke/Sweden
Hi i got a Tomos Wizz'rd 00 model. Had some huge problems with the suspension but i got a new pair on the garantee. It is proberly the most effective moped i ever had..
From Ryan Ressler
Ryan Ressler Boulder City NV I have a 96 tomos targa wich I purchased new. It has been a great ped the only problem I had was a broken throttle cable. I installed a bi turbo exhaust right after I bought it and also installed a childs bike seat on the luggage rack I also installed a 25 tooth front sprocket now I can cruise up hills at 30 with me and my son I weigh 213pounds he's abot 35 so thats pretty good for a liitle 2 horse moped. The only thing is my dad bought his at the same time and made the same mods and his will blow me away. Could his ports be matched from the factory or maybe his timming set more advanced then mine it's strange his seem's to make more hp every where I'm thinking about putting that 60cc euro kit on and going back to stock gearing but I'm a little conserned about the reliablity. E-mail me with any thoughts.
From A. Husain
I just recently bought a tomos targa lx, had to get a light replaced (directional), and had it serviced after 365 miles (2 weeks after i bought it) Put a Biturbo in it. works great. Awsome moped just sensitive.
From Deon Holland
I have a black A35 Tomos Sprint That has a 50 cc engine. It's a 2-speed automatic with custom mag wheels. I love this moped so much that I named after the late track star, "Flo-Jo."(It's fast, strong, and beautiful). I can push it 45 mph or over.
From suzon
I have Targa LX A35, model 48. It's a beautiful red top tank. It is so fun! I have more people complementing me whenever I ride it! I'm thinking it's a good business to go into near the University! However, find me someone who sells parts/repairs! Minneapolis, MN
From Andrew
I am looking for a used bio turbo for my 94 tomos Targa LX please email me if anyone had one thanks a lot Drew
From Scott Garner
I am a nurse from Oshawa Ontario. I bought my Tomos Targa 2000, brand new from Toronto Moped. It was dropped of at my location in Feb. I have put almost 4000km on it. Much to my dissapointment it has had a second major problem with the kick stand. After Notifiying MFC Distributors of the second problem with the kick stand, they told me it was probably caused by my weight or letting people sit on the bike on kick. Well guess what, I have owned 6 mopeds of the older nature over the past 12 years. I know what the hell I am doing, I drive this vehiccle to work every day since Feb. It now has 4000kms on it. If you look at the poor design of this kick stand it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it is cheaply built. Because of the kick stand colapsing again at the weld, I will not recommend the Tomos line to anyone. Try Honda or Puch, I think you will find them better built. In Canada $3500.00 is alot to pay for something that can't be driven without the stand hitting the pavement! Good Luck!
From Scott Garner
WARNING TO TOMOS TARGA OPERATORS AND FUTURE ONES! The kickstand is very dangerous and can cause you to dump on your left turn, it requires strenghtening, I have replaced one and am working on fixing number two. I have owned this bike only since Feb. Scott Garner!
From Chris and Danny
My name is Chris, I used to have a TOMOS, but some assholes f!*&ing stole it from my backyard. It went 60mph, was navy blue, and if whoever stole it is reading this, "I will eat your heart." (j/k) I am getting ready to buy my future bro-in law a Targa LX, (Metallic Black) and hopefully he will get as much use as i did from mine. And hopefully, he will LET me ride it once in a while, at least untill i get my Buell Blast! =) In addition, please send us a brochure for this make and model. You can e-mail us at
P.S. Whoever stole my moped, you really really suck @$$ Thank you.
From XoPhilip M.
i bought a peice of junk

last summer around june 21 i was looking around for a moped, i was recommended to go to akron moped, so i did. well i took a day and drove up there spent about an hour looking at the tomos mopeds, and decided i liked the targa lx, i was so happy and couldnt wait to take it home to drive it. until now. over the past year these are the problems ive had first was a flat tire, and three more to follow that, next the turn signals stoped working and still to this day they dont work because i havnt had time to drive to akron, next a bird flew into the front plastic peice and cracked that! Guess how much that is to replace 69$ (For a peice of plastic) so i said fergit that ill just super glue it! and it is still super glued and you can notice the crack from a mile away! then the brake, the thing you have to sqeeze cracked in half i dont even wanna no how much that is probley 50 just for that peice, what kind a junk brake breaks come on what is it made out of! then the last thing that is making me wanna just throw the peice of junk away, i only have 2000 miles on it and it dont even go into 2nd gear and i dont even beat this bike up i try and keep it in best shape i wash it oil it and maintain it and look what tomos's junk is, and i bet to fix this gear problem, i might as well just go buy i brand new DIFFERRENT MOPED, cause look how much for that front plastic peice ( 69$). and im done so u tell me why tomos is the number one moped seller, and maybe ill beleive it but for now they arnt nothin but plastic peices of junk!!!!!
From -
Moped Parking Only

I own a jet black 94 Tomos Sprint. The Tomos is equiped with a speed sprocket, a Bi Turbo and a jetted stock carb. It will bury the speedometer going downhill, and is quite capable off road. My favorite thing to do on the ped besides picking up chicks, is parking it in the local shopping mall in a parking space. You should see the drivers upset looks when they go to pull in to the front row spot, only to find the jet black menacing ped. I know at this peak of ped dominance, that it will be a good day.
From Richard Loiselle
Bonjour ŕ tous!

Mon nom est Richard Loiselle et j'habite Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada. Je suis canadien-français d'origine mais je parle anglais, néerlandais, un peu allemand et un peu espagnol...

Well, I'm ecstatic... I bought a Targa on June 14, 2001 and now find all kinds of excuses to ride it!!! The riding season in Manitoba is short (april to november - if we're lucky) so I have to get in as much riding in the summer as I can. After living in the Netherlands for a year (1984) and seeing all the mopeds there I have been wanting one ever since. I finally purchased an old 1975 Solo in the summer of 2000 and traded up to a new Targa a few days ago... (A Tomos dealer opened its doors in April with 20 mopeds and he now has only 8 left...)

Merci et amusez-vous avec votre moby!

From -
i have a targa lx i think its and older year it wont run it was running great one moment than just stalled and dint run from then on i did evering replaces spark plug gas oil and it has compression and also has spark i dont know whats wrong with it if u have n e ideas please email me at thanx and also do n e of u know were i can get a motor in the us or shipped to the us if so please email me thank you
From Scott
Update on my Tomos! Scotts Targa has just reached 2282km. I put a new turbo muffler on it, wow! It will now reach 80km/hr on the flat and 60/km/hr up hill.
From Stuart Hiles
I have a Targa lx and it is tight, i bought it used and fixed it up a little bit and now it runs great i love it and is one of the best investments i have bought.
From Charlie Pash (
I,ve driven my Targa over 800 miles from Langford to Victoria B.C. 28 miles a day Their is a problem with wind and two hills also their is no service dept for Tomos in Victoria B.C. Canada
does anyone know how to disconnnect the governor on a tomos targa a35? ive heard the 50cc can go almost 70km/h...but i m only going 50! help please! email me
From Scott
Love my Tomos 2000 blue Targa lx with the helmet trunk. 1000 km to date and no problems. Starts easy, will do 55km/hr + on the flat and handles hills beautifully. I am a nurse and use it to commute to work everyday. Bought it a month ago, love this moped. Over the past 4 years I have owned 3 mopeds hondas, puch and now the super moped. Handles better then any thing I have owned or tired! ps. great web keep the interest up! Scott in the cold country Canada.
From Scott
I purchased a wonderful Tomos Targa 2000, demo model two months ago, started driving it a month ago to work everyday. Just reached the 1000km mark today, only one small problem caused by kids and broken beer bottles giving me a flat. Had it repaired at a local Honda bike dealers, they could not believe how super the bike looked. It starts with one kick and handles like a well tuned motorcycle, easily runs at 55km/hr (35mph) on the flat it pushes 60km/hr. I got the blue Tara lx with a black helmet trunk, this model has been on tv and in a newspaper full page article in the Toronto Star. Hope you put this on the web, your site looks great! Scott!
From Cycle Victoria Rentals
We have just purchased a dozen Targas for use within our rental fleet. So far they seem to perform fairly well once we replaced the rear wheel bearings on one, fixed the rear signal assembly on another and made license plate holders for them all.
From Miha Štrukelj
Pri starejših Tomosovih motorjih je značilno, da so bolj vzdržljivi in so za dalj časa.Tudi kar se tiče vzmetnih blažilcev so boljši.Novejši modeli so slabo zavarovani proti koroziji in začnejo rjaveti že po dveh letih.
Imel sem že dva Tomosova motorja. Enega iz leta 1990, in je zdržal 6 let brez popravila(narejenih je bilo 40.000 kilometrov)To je bil avtomatik A35l.
Sedaj imam pa APN 6S in imam z njim vedno težave. Je še kar vzdržljiv in dokaj zanesljiv.Lahko pa bi bil narejen bolj kvalitetno.

S spoštovanjem

P.S.:Naj začnejo delati bolj kvalitetno!!!
From Mark Cummings
I have a tomos childs off road motorcycle,a few years old[probably],it's automatic, has 14" wheels ,it has an encarwi carburettor,the fuel tank is part of the frame,on the plastic fairing on which the seat is mounted the letters NVT Motorcycles are situated.The ignition system sits on top of the engine casing next to the carburettor.Can anyone out there tell me more information about this motorcycle eg it's engine size,fuel ratio ,when this model was made ,any parts interchangable with newer tomos models, i can be contacted at I hope somone can help!
From Matt Rieger
I have a 98 Targa LX with 13000 miles on it. I have had problems with the transmition and i lost a large amount of power around 9000 miles. I think it was from the piston rings wearing down. I installed new rings and it ran like new. I tryed puttting a new clutch in but did it wrong and it put a hole in my transmition so TOMOS sent me a new transmition case and new clutches for both speeds. Allthough i have had these problems i still love my TOMOS and will always ride it. It is very reliable for hte most part, a lot more than all other mopeds out there.
From paul altman,
i have just purchased a 91 targa lx and the piston was scored and the chain was crammed into the case so some disassembly was on order so as i was fixing the chain i noticed the oil pump drive washer was gone igot all the needed parts plus a biturbo pipe and upon reassembly i polised the head and top of piston to keep the carbon down. My model still has points so i bought a atom moudule from the lawnmower shop and installed it runs great now but i had to reduce the plug gap to .015 it starts first it even at 30 deg. it is almost to ride you have to let the transmisson warm up i then put 600 easy miles on it the speedo says it will do 35 and my freinds were all wondering if it was true so i took it to a motoercycle shop and had it dynoed it cost 35$ but was worth it. The ped makes 2.6ft of toqure at the rear wheel and 2.4hp at 5400rpm and the engine maxed out at 37 mph at 7400. I love my ped but i dont like the fact you cant buy a manual i do all my own work i dont like the down time when at a dealer. All i can say is that i love it and it has not let me down yet and it has 5000 miles on it, and it will have many, many more if i just keep up on it thanks for listening.
From Filip,Slavonija,Hrvatska
I have tomos sprint for four years,and i rebuildt it and now it goes 80 kmh.
From Greg
I just bought my son a new targa lx paint is chipping off of the plastic surfaces, engine cowling headlight faring etc. The bike is about 2 weeks old and has 90 miles on it.
From Simon
I am owner of a A35 S moped. It runs very well, and I am happy to have it. It goes almost 90 km/h!! I am not kidding!:)
From Sophia, Vancouver B.C.
I've had my 2000 Targa for almost two months now and it has been great, I get to work in half the time. One thing to watch though is the chain, mine became so loose that it damaged the electrical box. I only became aware of this when my turn signals stopped working. The dealership was great with it though, and has been very helpful with any questions or concerns.
From A Scooter Therapist @ Scooter Therapy
I have sold quite a few, and think they are great. The main problem we have with them is the headlamp burning out. I have some customers with over 7-8000 miles, one guy ran his out of oil till it quit, refilled it, and it still runs great after 5000 miles. That is a pretty tough engine. The locking gas cap is a joke, as are the footpeg mounts, but they are still bettter than most
From Dennis Feeser @ Stonewall Cycle
If availability is there which up until this spring it was great, the machines are nearly "bullet proof". We have sold over 50 since september and NONE have demonstrated any problem worth mentioning. They truly have to be the best of them all. Even the scooters they sell are great.... I hope I can continue with them as long as we sell Mopeds and Scooters.
From jake
my targa a35 has about 4,000 miles on it and it is still running strong. the only problem i have had with it was that the chain kept breaking
From but flanker willie nerdo 8million
i got a 2000 tomos sprint, it has a twin turbo and goes around 47mph. it is great! the a35 engine is the best.
From Darren
I have just this week got myself a new Tomos Wizzard (30KMH Moped, looks like a targa but a little more sporty). The bike itself performs very well and rides great.
From Bizzy
Currently I own a '99 Targa LX with the 70cc speed kit. The parts that came with it were a cylinder, cylinder head, piston, piston ring, 2 peice exhaust, carborator, inline fuel filter, and a new choke line. Well, I've been having this kit for no more than 3 months when I blew the engine. My piston is totally damaged and my local moped dealer said that it would cost a total of 500 dollars to fix.
From Josh
Hi my name is Josh I have been riding a 93 Tomos A35 since I was 13. I have done all kinds of mechanic work to it yet I still find them very interesting to ride. I use my moped commercially to ride from Franklin to Greenwood Indiana twice a week for drivers ed. I might get laughed at or called names for riding a 50cc moped but yet I don't care. Well I'm going to go now now keep up the good work on Tomos's.

Thank You.Tomos Fan!!!!!!!!!
From Larry @ Uncle Gene's World of Wheels
In my 1st year of business I was running 45 targas and LX'S and avg. 2000 kilometers per bike and for mechanical break downs all I had was 3 spark plugs foul out, pretty darn good for rental usage as hard as they are being ran. Routine maintenance wasn't too bad tighten the chain once a week and the breaks every other week. The mopeds that I sold though, out of the box set up and sold, when brought in for service checkups never had to make any adjustments and one had 3000k at the end of the season.
From Dennis
i recently bought a tomos spring in august 99 and i've fallen in love with it. it gets me to and from work in no time.

A3 series

Vid Gajšek/15 letnik
yes,yes! Hudo leti frči, letnik 89 - star 12 let. K spucaš frgazr, kr nekam bolj leti. Mam bingo frgazr, pa mislm da je boljši kukr delorto, čeprav nima zauga. Še nasvet: da ti bo meu moped boljše pospeške, ne dodaji bencinu DVOTAKTOLA, ampak kkšno drugo olje, športno, npr CASTROL 2T... Ajde uživite, gremo na polet... Že leeeeetiiiiim!!!!!!!!
Kees van der Molen
I have bought a second hand Tomos (model A3), which is made in 1985. His top speed is about 40 kmph. I'd like to give my Tomos a bit more speed. With a bit more speed don't mean 90 kmph or faster, but 50 or 60 kmph. I have already modificated the exhaust a bit, but it didn't help. So can someone help me and say how I can give my Tomos (A3) a bit more speed? My e-mail adress:
Smalrug - DB tuning
Tomos a3 modified a3 engine with tuned sachs 80cc cilinder 27 mm mikuni carberateur 80cc proma exhaust from a honda mb regina 125cc chain

half gas: 80
full gas: 140
Jas mislam deka tomos se mnogu dobri motori. Imam razraboteno proekt za friziranje na tomos automatic. sakam da kontaktiram so vas. pisete mi na e-mail I have a very fast moped TOMOS avtomatik m3 top speed 110km/h.I 'll show you the picture. I love it so much.
S svojim avtomatikom 85' sem kar zadovoljen, sploh pa mi je všeč, da ga lahko bolj "sfriziram" kot pa skuterja
From Bob
I used to have a lime green colored Tomos moped back in 1979 to 1980. It was a two speed automatic and had a long "two person" seat. That moped got about 90 to 95 MPG. In its time I had over 7800 miles on it before I sold it. It was a great bike and could do close to 40 mph.
Vse je v redu samo ko se pokvari je težko najti serviserja in še težje dobit rezervne dele
From Marty
My very first moped was a 1988 Tomos Disco brilliant bike, fully auto. Never went wrong. Well except a brake cable but that was easily fixed! Are they availabe in the UK again, and can thy easily be tuned???? Oh i hope so. I would love another.
Matej Benko
imam moped tomos automatik a3s. motor mi ugaša ko se malo segreje. kot bi se zamašila diza nevem kaj naj naredim. če ima kdo tudi takšno težavo in ve kako jo odpraviti naj me pokliče na tel 031-302-262.
From Andy B.
I had a Tomos A3MS for years. I rode it for a little over 3,000 miles before selling it when I moved to a mountainous area. It served me well and my only request would have been a slightly stronger throttle cable. I good, simple, robust bike - and one that real character.
Sem lastnik Avtomatika A3, letnik 86. Do sedaj z njim nisem imel večjih težav, a kar nekaj manjših popravil (sklopka, zavore,...). Kvalitete izdelave šepa, prav tako tehnična podpora s strani Tomosa. Najbolj tečna stvar na mopedu je Delorto vplinjač (že menjava pletenice za plin spravi človeka ob živce, kaj šele čiščenje), starejši Bingov vplinjač je do uporabnika bolj prijazen (lažje čiščenje in vzdrževanje). Motor se rad pregreva, sprednje vzmetenje ni najboljše - premehko (star upside-down sistem iz zgodnjih 80ih) hod je premajhen. Upam, da je Tomos na novejših mopedih te napake odpravil.
From Peter
I own a 14 years old Tomos Automatic A3 moped with the old type of engine. I had no mayor problems with my moped over the years (a lot of small repairs though), it still runs well, but the built quality and service (customer's support) are no good. I allways had a lot of problem with Delorto carburator, old Bing carbs were much easier to maintain and clean.
Engine tends to overheat, poor front suspension (old upside-down system from early and mid 80's with too small travel, also too soft for good handeling). I hope that the recent models don't have the same flaws.
Imam moped Avtomatik A3S in sem kar zadovoljen z njim pravkar bom zamenjal izpušno cev z Resonančnim izpuhom MF-POWER ki da mopedu večjo moč,pospeške, in boljšo končno hitrost. Skratka sem zadovoljen z mopedom! Delajte še na prej na novih projektih npr. lahko bi kakšen novi model naredli!
From Matic iz idrje
I have avtomatic '85 BT50 it goes 70km/h. I made it by myself.
Martin Peca
Imam 2 mopeda automatic, in sicer en je letnik 75, drugi pa letnik 81. Vozim se najbolj z novejšim. Čeprav je bil na odprtem (to se pravi: dežju, soncu, toči,...) skoraj 3 leta, ga uporabljam in mislim, da je odličen po vseh teh letih. Upam, da boste delali take mopede še vnaprej in predlagam eno stvar, in sicer: zakaj ne delate tudi 125ccm in več motorjev??
From Heinz, TOMOS club
We have about 9 of them in our club. Some older models though, just like us. I think there is nothing like a Tomos with the tank between your legs.

Manual transmission mopeds

From agm65 maverick a.k.a. Zok, Zoc, whatever...
comment: ejjou, js sn tud mislu kuk dobr je moj frchi ko mi je sou 60, vcasih tud 65 (navzdol celo 80!!!), pa ko sn meu APN6S, ko mi je sou po ravnin 90+, pol sn ga pa sraufu ceu tedn d sn se lahk ob vikendih furu, zej pa mam Aprilio AF-1 Futuro 125, letnik '91, ko ma mashino Rotax 123, ko ma 34 kojnov + giannelli + mal odprt airbox (kaaaaak svetovn sound - ko na tepravem!!!), pa lahk startam s 3000 obrati, z apeenom sn mogu pa s 5000 de mi ni vmru, tu pa dobi 7800 de odpre ventil v auspuhu, pa zategne ko svinja, nad 10000 pa itak znori, pa en breg tule pr ponikvi pr sentjurju, ko ga ni frchija de bi se v drugi prestavi pelu gor, pa je sam en apeen ko gre v tretji gor, pa se ta glih komi de, z 11 zobnikom, no, vglavnem, js se pelem gor, med ovinki tak na izi, 50, pol pa zategnem , pa skoz do vrha mi zadi spodnasa pa pawrslajda, de mam na konc 110-120 not... sn meu bejbo gor, pa sma se vseen pelala 90+ gor pa js mam 95 kil! pa me je en zzr-cek 250 neki loviu pa se spanu, je zgau tistih svojih 170, js za njim, pol se je pa ovinek zaceu, pa sn ga dol fu*nu po zunanji strani... pjebi, ce si tomos ne bo omislu kj veciga, VSAJ 125 2T, bo cez par let bogi...
Imam APN4 sa ma?inom od "petke", 42 klip, 18 bing sa neke trkače pile, polini filter, auspuh od gagive 125, felge i vilice od "deve" Ako netko prodaje samo kostur od BT-a neka se javi!
From za vse 6-ke ki letijo preko 100 km/h
če leti? s 6-ko več kot 1 m visoko ti poči nosilc zadnjih amortizerjev in v drugem poletu pa se okvir(pri ma?ini) IN OTROCI NE NAKLADAT DA GREDO 6 ČEZ 110,3 PROSIM NE NI TAKIH PISAT KER IZPADETE KOT IDIOTI.
From -
jas mam pa apn6 z 39 L batom spu?čeno glavo navadni bing frgazer powerco zobceniki v razmerju 13/32 peta brzina pa kuplonga od btja leti pa 75-80 vrei gre sao malo ?voh kurnvele delate malo bolse bi lahko ble
From Bas
Jawel ik doe het ook maar in mijn eigen taal.... sinds mijn zestiende rij ik een Tomos 4L, met chromen 'druppel'tank, een verhoogd stuur en een verlaagd zadel. Ik heb verschillende 4Ls gehad, waarvan 2 helaas gestolen zijn.
Om ze op te voeren dacht ik de extra carterruimte af, en bouw ik zelf de 5e versnelling in. Een mooie expansiepijp en uitgekiende tandwielverhouding zorgen ervoor dat ik ongeveer 80 km/u haal.
From Luka
ja,ja moj puch leti 300/h mogoče malo manj imam frgazer bing 50 celinder bru?en na 1000ccm in zraven sem kupil čisto nov auspuh akrapovič. No kaj pravite na to !
From boštjan S.
jast mam dvobrznca(2 prestavi,ni avtomatik,?alta? na balanci) letnik 1959,ki je v dokaj dobrem stanju,glede na to da je starej?i kot jest,rabm pa dele,tko da če jih kdo ma naj mi po?le mail na
štefan tomažič ___vrhpolje
prodam na novo pobarvane (metalno-modre barve) stranske maske in spodnjo masko od BT 50N ugodno!!031 824 895
APN 4, ki sem ga kupil jeseni 1974 leta, za svoje prve tri plače, je po mojem mnenju najbolj vzdržljiv in zanesljiv motor nasploh. APN 6, ki naj bi bil njegov naslednik, je tako zmontiran, kot bi ga voda skupaj znesla. Tovarna varčuje pri montaži in si dela visoke stroške z garancijskimi popravili in hkrati jezi kupce. Takoj bi kupil nov APN 4, če bi začeli izdelovati popolnoma enake, kot leta 1974.
bojan Škrlj
imam apn 6s letnik 91 cilinder imam stružen na 40, bat meteor L GP, prenose 13/34 sprednje vilce od atx-a in febre tudi imam jo za off road proge in skoke.
Imam Apn 4. Cilindar, klip, glava od Tomosa 4-Barka. Dellorto 20 Prednji kraj i zadnji amortizeri od elektronika. Bez 5 brzine ide oko 90 km/h.
Robin Racing Team TOMOS Matulji
Imam Apn 4 80ccm. Masina od CTX-a. Rezonantni auspuh RMS. Max. brzina-95-100 Km/h. Prijenos 14-34 karburator Dellorto 20.
Mauro Hace
imam tomos apn 4 ,5 brzina, dellorto19, klip 42l, sito reza, ide oko 115 kmh, Imam i tori klip 38 ide oko 60 i dellorto 14. Imam i automatic dellorto 14, leo vinci reza ide oko 80 skuteri padaju na moje zvijeri. pozdrav iz rijeke.
živjo mam ATX-sa letnk 99 gor mam mf-pover l-bat in cilinder 18 frgazar leti tud ful dobr realnih 95( fotr stopu z avtom) pokur pa tud sam 3.5 litre. z nemu sm naredu 9500 kilometrou pa sam enkrat ješu na servis pršlo me je 15tisoč ne velik ej folk tomosa se splača met
can somebody sent me some information of tomos ctx. My e-mail is
apn ne more več kot 80 razen če ma od bt-ja mašino.
Luka Rojec
Jaz bi pa ?e neki povedu o "TUNINGU"!! na tej strani same buče valijo kok ga je treba napilt. jz sm mojga COLIBRIJA nabrusu na 38.5 (za bl zabite: fi bata=38.5mm) pa izpušn kanal sm odpru tko da je zdej tok velk k pr BT-ju, pa stranske kanale sm odpru pa še MF-a (izpuh) sm gor dal (ta visokega) in gre kar 80km/h, sam pospeški so bl slabi.
Imam APN4 letnik 72, je že več kot 20 let brušena na 42mm. Ima 5 brzin leti kje okuli 95km/h. Ima od E90 vilce. Auspuh Akrapovič. Doma imam se BT-ja s motorjem od CTX-a. Leti pa prbližnu 123km/h. Imel sm tudi ATX-a, ki je imel gor BT-ja 42,5 brušenga a sm se na žalost zabil v avto. Zdej pa prodajam frgazr in cilinder od BT-ja. Tel. 031-750-395 V okolici Postojne.
fantje prosm ce nehate nalagat da vm 50 kubicni frcoti letijo 100 in vec in tak sranje ker mam kolega k je na ctxa namontirau 110ccm cilinder pa mu je samo 120 letu to je pa en 70ccm vec od frcota Zato si nabaute ene dobre steuce pa mau obcutka za hitrost (mam apn6 zbrusenga pa peto pa mi se 80 ne gre...) lep pozdrav pa velik uzitka u voznji
Imam 18 let starga APN 6 se prav eno leto je mlajsi od mene leti pa ko sam satan- mau sm ga pobrusil (42l bat) pa peto pa lipnika zej se pa komej ustavm pred bajto Super kvaliteta pa nc ne crkuje (do zdej... potrkam po lesu) tko da fani nabavte si APN- ce!!
Imam moped TOMOS A3L 88.g. San si dal brusit glavo en sad man 60 ccm. Isto san si dal auspuh MF POWER i dila mi ko lud!!!Znel san si portapak i malo odrizav zadnji blatobran a san si staviv šire gume(sportske-glatke).max.speed-80kmh
jst imam doma apn6. Star je 16 let, je skoraj v celoti rjave barve, ima piljen cilinder na 55 kubov in gre približno 80 km/h. Jaz ga rabm bolj za offroad ture ma je za hodit na žure tudi vseeno ''dober''!
Robin Malinarić Matulji CRO
Imam Tomos APN4 sa 39L klipom i karburatorom Dellorto 14.Usis je nabrušen na 17mm, a prelivni cca 12mm, ispuh je samo ispoliran i glava je spuštena do yaya. Ide 90/95 km/h, bez ugrađene 5. brzine. Također ima rezononciju HOME-MADE. Nema tog skutera koji me može preć. Puno pozdrava it Matulja. TOMOS JE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!
I have an tomos APN 6 -alpino model. I have modified exhaust and now its maximum speed goes around 75 km/h. I would like to be faster but still to be 50cc.Can I do that and how??????
Obleščak Hruševje
Smo kupli BT-ja smo dali gor ud CT-ja, smo kupli štirko smo šli eno djrko.
Grega P. Postojna
Mam BT-ja od OKSFORDA-80 feltne spredaj mam disk pa se prednjih vilic mi ni blo treba menjavt ker gre feltna lepo gor ker so feltne od enake firme kot so od BT-ja. edini problem sem mel ker sm mogu rastegniti zadnje nihajke ker je zadna feltna sirsa kot od BT-ja no ma drugace nimam nobenih komentarjev cez tomos razen to me moti ker ne delajo vec BT-jev, CT-jev, in drugih. Po mojih pojmih bi moral TOMOS delat druge motorje nad 50ccm ne pa tistih "KIŠT" od skuterjev.
Tomos je zakon, avtomatic s colibri ma?ino in BT sta legendi ! Tile amerji so pa res eni kremenčki, pojma nimajo in lokalni mehaniki jih nategujejo za stotine $. Pr ns ni šans za kj takega !
Zanima me kako bi lahko sam nastavil predvžig pri mopedu. Do zdaj mi je vedno nastavljal eden, ki se spozna na to (ni ravno mehanik). Vse kar je rabil je bil izvijač, ki ga je potisnil v cilinder(valj) in nekako nastavil prekinjevalnik, da je motor spet dobro vlekel. Vem samo to, da nekateri mopedi imajo predvžig 1,5 mm, nekateri 3 mm. Vem tudi, da se mora prekinjevalnik začeti odpirati 1,5 mm ali 3 mm pred zgornjo mrtvo točko(GMT). Ne vem pa, kako bi to nastavil, da bi bilo točno. Predvžig zna nastavit že vsak otrok v Sloveniji, samo jaz še ne.Če kdo ve kako se to dela, naj mi pošlje odgovor na e-mail
MB racing TROGIR
Iman tomos 14 tl, sa mašinon od petera 60ccm skresa san mu klip na izduvu sada slabo ide jer mi je puka jedan prsten al iđe ki metak. mirija me prija sa runerom đilerun iša je 90km/h. meknija san prvi đir od elektrona i sad boje drži u krivini samo priko šala utekne. tomos zauvjek!!!!!!! TOMOS U mom srcu VOZAČI KOJI ZNAJU VOZE TOMOS. POZDRAV IZ DALMATINSKE ZAGORE! ŠIME KLIPNJAĆA & ANTON L BAT.
Jaz sem prepričan, da so tomosovi motorji zelo dobri, ampak so zelo dragi in se jih po Sloveniji še zelo malo prodaja. Upam da se bo cena znižala in da bi ponovno začeli graditi motorje iz starih časov. Jaz in par prijateljev se zanimamo za stare tomosove motorje in se jih enostavno ne da dobiti. Upam,da boste kaj ukrenili! Lep pozdrav!
Zio! Če ima kdo ohranjen E90, brez mašine KUPIM!!! Telefon:041863446
Imam ATX 50cc (prototipa), bolj natančno samo dokumente, zvit okvir in potovčen rezervar. Na njemu sem pokvaril še tisto kar se ni dalo pokvariti. Dobro da je moj oče tolko munjen da motor sploh popravlja in da živimo ob meji z Italijo, kjer je mnogo odpadov. ATX-a imam deset mesecev pa sem že menjal: 2 cilindra, 3 bate, 6 batnih obročkov, 3 avspuhe, 2 feltni, 1 mašino, 1 sprednji in zadnji blatnik, 2 zadnji luči, 1 prednjo luč,... Dobro da z malo domišljije in veliko znanja smo montirali veliko kosov dobrih motorjev (Cagiva, Yamaha, Gilera...), o tem kako to narediš ne bi rad pisal ker je to delavniška skrivnost. Povprečno mi dela 1-2 tedna z malo sreče tudi do 3 tedne. Ko dela mi nudi veliko užitkov, saj je narjen v stilu krosa, tako da lahko delam konkurenco domačim krosisti.
P Blade
Tomos mix BMX- ste že slišali za to? Vzameš 1 Bmx, 1 A3 automatic s kolibri mašino (novejši model), 1 rezervoar Apn6, 1 desko cca 50X15cm, skaj, peno, 30 elektrod za švas, 3 Flex plošče, ror od stoenke (optional), 5 dni časa, barvo in 2 litra potrpljenja in domišljije.
Optional-narišeš načrt v ACAD-u(kako boš varil nosilec mašine na BMX, da guma ne bo tolkla v cilinder in kako gre veriga mimo nihajke. lahko pa le kolneš in preklinjaš na licu mesta. Opis izdelave je predolg, povem le, da desko porabiš za naslon sedeža, kar potem preoblečeš (skaj), barva vemo za kaj se rabi, potrpljenje pa tudi. Končni izdelek: Čoperček na osnovi BMX-a z agregatom od avtomatika in tankom od 6-ke, rorom stoenke, in naslanjačem (študiral sem, če bi dal gor zic od jugota). Potegne okol 65-70, ker je ror odprte sorte (stoenka) in dokaj nov agregat, l.98. Tud štop lampa dela. Za sliko in načrt pošlji na Oboje for free, če si resni interesent.
P Blade
E 90 letnik 77, 5 brzin nepiljen, Dellorto 24 karborator, 3l/100km, MF Power Chrome ror, max speed 120km/h@9200rpm pri prestavnem razmerju 15 proti 32 (menjalnik - kolo), na Atx 50C - the best moped(a.k.a motor, je nad 50 ccm) of all! Vozil z njim motokros, preizkus uspešno prestal vse preizkušnje, le menjalnik se tre prepogosto... Glavno da smo usisivače, fene in škropilnice dol tolkli z njim... Tle se morš matrat, da 100 dobiš ven, tem pa dve blokade dol vzameš pa gre 80-90. Elektronik-rula, le da je star koncept mašine in ima slab iskoristek... Ali kdo kaj ve o 175ccm Tomos (če je bil TWIN) agregatu? Če ima kdo kakr?ne koli podatke ali tehnične podatke o celem motociklu ali o agragatu, naj sporoči na
P Blade
Tomos- zakon Automatic 3M l. 1981, menjalnik nikoli podrt, menjani le batni obroči in vžigalna tuljava (zaradi pokanja), vse original, max speed 50-55Km/h.(tudi za dokaz nejevernikom in The Jazbinsek family) Namenjen je pokanju (70% pokanju) in ne toliko za vožnjo. Potrebno je le menjavati olje in nalivati bencin (pa kakšno gumo zaflikat). Več nas je, ki pokamo-pravijo nam TOMOS Banditi.
Kaj pomeni pokat? Ujameš taprave obrate- posluh, fantje !!! (2/3 max v II brzini, ali 1/3 v I brzini, odv. od modela, velja za A3, Apn6, E90), stisneš kratek stik in -POK!, kot bi sinhro počlo 5 piratk in ogenj iz rora (obvezno kromiran ležeč original z ravno krivino, brez dušilca) je dolg cca 0,5 m ali več.
Boljši rezultat dosežemo z dvojnim rorom (če ga naredimo doma (po ena cev na vsaki strani, iz cilindra mora iti dim v cev po sistemu Y reducirke, pol/pol, da se dim ne zabija), ali pa z zadnjim dušilcem stoenke, (privarjenim na krivino), z njim dosežemo base globine tudi do 60Hz (poka, ne glasu motorja). Štrom mora biti obvezno na platine, elekronika ne daje dobrih rezultatov in hitro gre.
Any Question-advice on e-mail
Proda gdo cilinder od BT50? številka mobitela: 031 291 849.
ex tomos fan
Resnica boli! Resnica je ta, da so scooterji mnogo boljši od tomosovih mopedov in so mnogo varnejši! Tomos bi lahko izdeloval varnejše motorje z diski in vzdržljivejše!!!! Sam imam čisto novega ATX50 letnik 2001 in vse zavore škripajo tako, da me je prav sram se vozit z njim!!! Če misli tomos izdelovat motorje tako naprej brez nikakršne poboljšave ne bo nobene prihodnosti!!!!!
Bom zelo hvaležen, če mi kdo pošlje naslov internet strani, kjer se nahajajo podrobni podatki o tomosovih motorjih in podatki za jih frizirat!!! email:
Domen D.
Sm dau Ct-ja n štjrko, sm dau pu gasi je kr snjlu frgazr. J šlu kr u redi pwal ku sm uštimu. Te Tomos mšine so prou urjedi. Tomos-zakon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HMMMM... imam BT50 no 60 ker ima elektronko notr leti mi 120 ima full dobre obrate letnik 2000 no to je pa use
Imam ATX 50, oziroma od njega so ostali samo dokumenti, zvit okvir in rezervoar. Na njemu se je pokvarilo ali polomilo tudi tisto kar je nemogoče pokvarit. Z njim ni nikoli dolgčas, saj ga moram vedno nekaj popravljat. Še dobro,da na njega lahko z malo domišljije zmontiraš skoraj vse kar lahko kupiš v trgovini ali pa najdeš na odpadu. Ko pa dela (5-15 minut) mi nudi obilo užitkov.
APN6 letnik 1984 - in nobenih težav do sedaj! dobra roba! Strojček je večen!
Zoran Jazbinsek
I have APN6S (1988), ELKO 40, MF Power Exthaust System,... Anyway, its top speed is 110,3 km/h (sigma sport BC800). Tomos rules!!! simple and cheap to tune and it "lives" for ever!
Zoran Jazbinsek
Tomos is a legend. If only You produced 175 models (sport and touring) and E90 Electronic!!! They are the best! Please, make something new, with manual transmission and more than 50 ccm!!!
če ima kdo priročnik za friziranje tomosovih motorjev bi prosil da mi ga posodi ali pa proda. rad bi izvedel kje se da kupiti kit za sfrizirat tomosov moped.

če kdo ve za kakšno stran na netu kjer bi dobil vse podatke o tomosovih motorjih predvsen o elektronki90 in CTX80 ter BT90 naj mi napise e-mail na
P.S tudi sam imam tomosov motor in sicer Bt50 ki mi nepredelan gre 85 edina težava je da ga moram skoz nad 5000 obratov vozt če ne sploh nkamer ne gre
Jst imam apn6. na začetku je šel okrok 50 km/h. pol sm mu dal zbrust kanale in cilinder na 60 ccm. Neki cajta je letu tut čez 80 km/h, zdej pa gre samo še 50. Vsak dan gre slabš. Tut diza se mi vsak teden zapaca in jo moram spihat. Zato tisti ki mate nesfrizeran motor ga NE frizerat, ker na začetku bo šel dobr pol pa čezdalje slabš. Samo pavrca je zakon!!! Tut bremze so bulč za en drek, če se hočm ustavt moram prtisnt da se kr zajla trga. Kupte si rajš skuterja!!!
Imam apn4 ZMAJ ide 135 km/h, 0-100 za 3.8 sek. Mašina electronic 90 frizirana do jaja i nafrkani frgazer. Za 250 dm
ctx 80 daboga vam fabrika izrorela ko je izmisli
Fula mi je všeč k lohk BTja sfriziraš do konca potem pa se zaletiš in nimaš nič
Ivo Gojak
I have a BT 50 and without touring it goes 95km/h and I am very pleased with him
Imam ATXsa letnik 2000 narejenih ima samo 2000km. Nanj sem montiral MFa-iz dušilca sem pobral peno, gor sem dal še L bat in frgazr BING 18.
Jest imam moped tomos APN6 star okoli 20 let. včasih mi je šel 45kmh, ker je bil zamorjen, nato pa sem ga sfriziral in sedaj mi gre 102kmh. In sicer gor sem dal izpuh "AKRAPOVIĆ", noter sem dal 70 bat in 70 cilinder. Notri imam tudi šesto prestavo in dela mi kot po maslu. Z njim nimam nobenih težav, saj ga redno vsak teden servisiram pri servisu "KEMPRLE" ki se nahaja v Srednji vasi. On je zelo dober serviser, saj mi da to možnost da mu plačam šele konec leta, in sicer to leto sem plačal okoli 96000sit kar se mi zdi zelo poceni. Imam pa tudi recept za friziranje APNjev. za recept me pokličite brezplačno telefonsko linijo ki je odprta 24 ur na dan tel:0801307, saj me dobite tam kjer sem zaposlen v PEĐOJU slovenija, ko se bom oglasil vprašajte po imenu ALEN. Lep pozdrav vam želi ALEN BENEDIK IZ KOPRIVNIKA, PO DOMAČE MIHOV ALEN.
I have BT 90E. Its one big sh*t, I must it repair every day but he is good, it goes 116 km/h.He have electric starter and plastics from Cagiva frecia, central amortizer from CTX and lot of things from other motocycles. I live in SEGET from DALMATIA CROATIA.......!!!
I have TOMOS CR 50(junior) 25 years old and APN 6 (90 ccm). I'm happy that you love it
Jos uvek nisam kupio motor razmisljam izmedju BT_a i CTX, ali neznam koji da izaberem ako mi neko moze dati savjet, bio bi mu zahvalan ovo ce biti moj prvi motocikl, takodje zelio bi znati kako da od CTX napravim BT odanosno kako da dostignem brzinu od 100km/h. Puno pozdrava iz Banja Luke. moj e-mail je
jst jmam apn6 letnik 82 imam el bat sukoki (zelo slab bat) ampak je predelan malo odrezan in pobrušen tako dobimo zelo dober bat. in samo s tem batom in peto prestavo gre 80 kmh no ima še mf power cobro prenosi so 13/32 imam tudi frčota ima glavo od beteja in gre 65 kmh s tomosom sem zelo zadovoljen zato ker so zelo vzdržljivi. upam DA BOSTE ZAČELI IZDELOVATI 125 CCM MOTORJE KER BI SE ZELO RAD VOZIL NA 125 CCM MOTIORJU OD TOMOSA. ČE IMA KDO KAKŠEN PRIROČNIK ZA FRIZIRANJE TOMOSA BI GA Z VESELJEM KUPIL ALI SI GA SPOSODIL
matjaž - il bistrica
jst imam alpino- štirko letnik 2000. kopil sem jo za 105000.00 sit po dveh mescih sem jo predelal znižal sem cilinder in glavo in pobrusil kanale noter sem dal el bat in uplinjač bing z dizno od 90. Letelo je do 85 kmh. Po 3 mescih in 2500 km je mašina zaribala. Potem sem dal gor nov cilinder brušen na 40 to je 55 ccm bat meteor in mf power cobra zdaj gre 80 kmh ma pospeški so neverjetni v klance gre ku strela.
TOMOS mopeds RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gde da nadjem podatke o atx50c moj e-mail
I have a tomos apn6 which is not working at the moment but this summer I am going to cutomize it and then I'll send you a picture
I have apn6 year 90'and I want to tune up to go faster. Please help me to do that. Send me schemes and precise dimensions for drilling cylinder, inlet, outlet, carburetor and some tips. My e-mail:
Gordana Muzačihačohovič
imam apn4 letnik 80 in mi leti 287 in to brez predelav, imam tudi atx ki pa ima pospešek do 100 v 3sekundah. ja valda, vsi sam lažete! šestka ne more jt več kokr 100 pa še to samo za 2 dni
Imam E90 starega okoli 20let. Ni nič predelan in motor še zmeraj dobro dela. Po moje je Electronic 90 najboljši motor,kar jih je Tomos kdaj naredil. Problem so pa rezervni deli, ki se jih sploh ne da dobit. Zakaj Tomos ne izdeluje več E90 ali podobnih 90ccm motorjev??? Najbolj kvalitetni motorji so bili narejeni v 70-ih in začetek 80-ih let, danes ti motorji niso tem niti malo podobni po kvaliteti.
imam apn6s letnik 95,42 bat, kroman cilinder, ojnica in gred za 60 ccm vse v kromu, popilene kanale 4-jezično svečko dellorto 22, prednji del ter izpuh od e90
imam tori-cros domace izdelave,masina je od BTja,tomos masine so se kar vredu saj so poceni in se dajo hudo nafrizerat ,na masino od 6stke sem dal cilinder od tomosove kosilnice,obnese se zelo vredu
Imam ATX 50c letnik 2000 na njega sem namontiral MFa razmišljam tudi okompresijskem batu. Z njim sem zelo zadovoljen samo sprednje vilice so nekoliko mehke, zavore škripljejo dokler niso segrete, števec pa laze da kar res ni. ATXa ne bi zamenjal za drug moped sploh pa ne za skuterja.
Peter Beatle
Imam apn6 že 2 leti z elko batom, nižano kapo, gredjo od bt-ja, zadnjo gumo pirelli mt-74(cross), karburator z dizo od 70 in izpušnim sistemom MF POWER!!!MAŠINA JE VREDU! RAZVIJE 90 KM/H!!!(NA KONČNIH OBRATIH!!!) IMAM IZKUŠNJE Z TOMOSOVIMI MOTORJI!! SPADAM POD DULANSKO SEKTO!!!
Rok iz Maribora!
Ker kaze, da ste tu skoraj sami slovenci, bom pisal slovensko. Imam novega ATX-a. Gre mi le 60, ker sem se odločil, da ga še ne bom friziral. Sicer obžalujem, da si nisem kupil starega CTX-a, a vseeno. TOMOS za vedno.

And for all non-slovenes:I have a new ATX 50C. It goes about 60km/h. I decided that i will not tune it up yet.

i have ctx 80. best of tomos. it goes 142.5 km/h. croatia, trogir. but it is lost in garage. it cost 99.99 dm and one cunga lunga.
Imam oldtimer Colibri T12 letnik 65. Z njim sem zelo zadovoljen saj sem ga na novo prebarval v metalno modro barvo, BING 22, Leovinci, 42,5 L bat, zadaj zobnik 22 spredaj 12. Leti 90-100-odvisno od razpoloženja. Imam tudi avtomatik, ki je ful star od prjatla bom dubu mašino od ta nouga sprinta pol bo pilu kanale, itd.. pa bo slo. Tomosovi mopedi so ful zakon
From Fox
Tomos 5L forever!!!
imam tomos 175 dela kot nov, ne predelan, in electronica brušenega na 120 ccm. sicer sem dal za bat 15000 (ima tri obročke in dodatne luknje za večjo površino) in gre približno 160 km/h. in mi še ni spregel
From zlaja
I'm from Banja Luka, Bosna , I have tomos APN-4 50 ccm from 1982. Everithing on him is standard, it is so beautifull moped and very strong, at the hills. javite se na e-mail
dejan že spet lažeš. tista tvoja gara spreže na vskmi wogli in ne spele 1% klanca pa še pawrja nemš,gre pa sam 15km/h (če ma dober dan)
From Primoz iz Bistrice
I have ATX-50 with BT engine! it goes 100km/h! It's wery good!
Imam atx-50 letnik 1996, z bt mašino, bat 39L... končna hitrost 100km/h. Sem zadovoljen z njim!!!
From Ezy Rider
What the f*** happened to the TOMOS 4TL/5TL????
vsi tomosovi motorji so zelo uredu razen atx pa bt imata zelo slab grušt -okvir, drugače pa je apn-4 kvaliteta
From spxrs
I have Tomos Bt with ctx 80 engine. It goes 120 kp/h. This is just ql!
imam bt-ja malce je predelan :to je dellorto 22as leovinci auspuh in 39 l bat dela super gre pa 135km/h ocena 10
From blaz iz koroske
I have apn6s. It goes 80km/h. It is 60ccm and is very good. I reparing it at lest two times at the year. It`s very good.
Imam atx50c ki gre zelo dobro (ko me je meril prijatelj z nrg sva prišla do 100). Tudi pospeški saj mi zmelje sprednji zobnik. Motor ni še nič predelan samo mf izpuh ima. (mašina je seveda od bt. Dober motor ki pa ima tudi pomankljivosti:zavore preveč piskajo in premalo bremzajo, slabe so tudi sprednje vilce saj so precej šibke, kazalec hitrosti je banalen saj je samo do 60km/h.
From ivo iz ravene
I have atx 60, it goes 95km/h, thats for sure because I test it. I made it by myself.
apn je zakon!! ker zdrži vse predelave!!!!!
From Tabakov Dejan-Tabak
Hi I am Tabakov Dejan, better known as Tabak. I live in Yugoslavia(zrenjanin). I'm riding BT50 N and it goes 140km/h.....Yes, you read good - 140km/h. I performed machine by myself, and i'm fixing it almost once in a mounth. It is the most infernal machine in the town,and farther!!! Everybody, come in Zrenjanjin to ride with me my friends!!!!!
Imel sem APN4 60ccm in sem vrgu gor 10 zobnik, pa mi ga ni zdrobilo, peljalo pa je 60 km/h in to povsod. Rabilo ni skoraj nič, z njim sem se šel kar kros. Ja, ja TOMOS je res motor, ki zdrži predelave.
From Klemen
I tuned my apn6. It goes 132 kmh.
bt star 2leti nove feltne 90cc mf power izpuh elko bat yanke sedež 6 prestav, max speed 125km/h
From Matjaz M
I have a Slovenian TOMOS apn4 moped. But it is not the standard moped, becouse I have rebuild it. It has an fi.43 clip on "lamo" cillinder (this cillinder is used on boat-motors (cca 4,5 horse power)). The carborator is Bing 18 from BT50. This "moped" runs realy good. 80 km/h gives me the unique small town speed-where the limit is 50 km/h :) Mail me on
Pri 13tih sem za 100 DEM kupil avtomatika l.85. Kmalu sem dal gor še MFP to se mi je zdel, ko sem prehitu enega prijatla s peugeotam. Imel sem ga eno leto, vozu sm se tud pozim. Nič ni crknil razen nekej zajl. Nasledn motor je bil APN6 l.86, kupu sm ga za 250DEM. Tud ta je delov tako kot je treba. Imel je 5. prestavo pa sm dal spredej še 11 zobnik, pa je šlo čist povsod( vozu sm se po Kokri pa po terenu...Pol sm pa oba prodal in kupu BTja. Res dobr motor, pa so mi ga pred šolo ukradl. Zdej se vozm z ATXam z BT mašino pa sm tud zlo zadovoln
mislm da je Tomos kr zakon sam zdej je mal zadej ustal...
From Janko
I have a Tomos Alpino 6s year 2000. And it is very good. But the factory doesn't stand so good as it did.
Mam APN-4 in je zelo kul in sploh še zlo dobr dela.
From mile
I have an ATX50c with an engine of a BT.This is something that i can't easily explain.This is simply beautiful it goes around 95 kmh.This is what i call TOMOS.
Imam APN6,letnik 85.Imam jo že štiri leta vendar deli na njej niso originalni. Ima pobrušen cilinder in kanale, L-bat 42, diza od 70, 5 prestava, ojnica za 60 kubičnih centimetrov, štiri jezična svečka, imam kar bubino od avta, ker navadne mi pregorevajo. Tako predelana je že štiri leta, jaz se vozim z njo po gozdu in vojaških poligonih ter tankovskih progah in še nikoli me ni pustila na cedilu. največ leti 90km/h. V klance vleče kot nora. Tomosovi motorji res veliko zdržijo in pretrpijo. Od Tomosovih motorjev mi je najljubši electronic.
From uros
My APN6S is the best motorcycle in Bela krajina. It is very nice and you can easy drive it(good brakes and accelartes).It's speed is arround 85-90 km/h, becouse it has got lipnik and L-bat. Advice: BUY APN6S!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luka Đurić
Imam BT50S, letnik 90. Do zdaj z njim nisam imal težave!! Somo tak nastavite!
From dragan djankovic
i am dragan djankovic from Sid, and i am riding BT50sl it's a beast motor in yu. it goes 120km\h. my father is a mecanics and he repair it every 200km........ but it goes!!!!!
atx 50b je za k****!!! zavore mi škriplejo tako, da raje ne premzam na zadnjo premzo. edino, kaj je na njem vredu je to, da gre približno 90km/h.
Imam apn 6 predelan v crossa. brušeni kanali, electronicov vplinjač, 6 prestav, druge vilice, kolesa, amortizerji, prenos 15/52. končna hitrost 115km/h.
Imam starejšega apn-a in moram reči da nimam večjih težav kar se okvar tiče,le diza se zabija kar naprej. Zelel bi si tudi kakšen nov model Tomosovega mopeda (ne skuterja)
Hja... Imam Atx-a, s katerim sem zelo zadovoljen, cilinder je original prirejen za 39L bat. Power izpuh smo mu dodali za še boljšo "power". Iz uplinjača smo odstranili tako, da ima pospeške do 90 km/h! Imam tudi moped Sprint z 39L bat, MFP, pospeški pa so do 77 km/h. Še ena skrivnost za tiste, ki se bojijo materiala hitro uničiti. Mešanico goriva vedno pripravljajte v 4% koncentriranju z Stihl-ovim oljem za žage, pa tudi cilinder si dajte za pol milimetra izbursit, kar pomeni, da sploh ni možnosti zaribanja, saj se železo pri veliki temperaturi razširi, tako, da ima na voljo veliko prostora. (če imate 38, si dajte izbrusit na 38.5, če 39 na 39.5 in tako dalje)
najbolje je da daš brusit na 60ccm, BT blajerica, 5 prestav, bruit kanle. potem šele kam gre-recimo 90/110 Km/h
Janko Leskovar
imam moped apn4 alpino staro 2 meseca. Že po prvem servisu (500km) so se kar hitro pričele težave : olje mi je kapljalo iz menjalnika, kabli za osvetlitev števca niso bili pravilno zvezani, v sprednjih vilicah se še vedno nabira zrak in zato po domače škloca na kratkih grbinah, stikalo za hladni vžig se mi noče hitro izklopiti in zato ga moram tudi do 5 ali 6 krat prižgati drugače pa je vse vredu.
Imel sm ATX-a na začetku je blo vse cool sam pol se pa je začelo treba je blo popravit sklopko, zavore so škripale...... ATX je vredu moped če maš živce s tem da ti bo crknu vsake 3 mesce
Imam BT50 letnik 86`. Z njim sem zelo zadovoljen! Zelo bi bil vesel, če bi TOMOS izdeloval 125 kubične motorje ali pa vsaj 80 kubične. Poleg BT-ja imam tudi APN6 letnik 88`. Dodal sem mu 5. prestavo, L bat in MF POWER izpuh. Z njim sem zadovoljen saj deluje še vedno zelo dobro.
Damir Horvat
Imam BT-ja letnik 1989, z njim sem zelo zadovljen. Dodatno sem kupil MF POWER izpuh in bat 39.5 L. Končna hitrost je okoli 100 km/h. Poleg BT-ja imam še APN 4 in TX 50.
Imam motor CTX 80,letnik 89.Je ohranjen in mi služi zelo dobro.Predvsem kar me moti je, da je zadnji mono blažilec premehak.Včasih mi zadnje kolo nasede pod prtljažnik, tako da se mi je plastika, ki služi za orodno torbo zlomila.Imam tudi APN 6 in tudi z njim sem zelo zadovoljen.Vgradil sem peto prestavo in zbrusil cilinder do 42 mm premera ter zbrusil in spoliral pretočne kanale.Predelal sem tudi uplinjač in spremenil filter za zrak ter vstavil glavno šobo velikosti 70.Montiral sem tudi MF power izpuh in sedaj doseže hitrost do 78km/h.Zakaj ne izdelujete APN-e tudi v močnejših verzijah do 60ccm? Lahko bi izdelovali motorje tudi do 125ccm.Z veseljem se bi vozil po cesti s 125 kubičnim tomosom!
Jernej Drev
imam atx-sa z bt motorjem v začetku sem bil zelo zadovotjen prvo leto mi je šel zelo lepo prišel je celo na 90kmh dokler se niso začele težave najprej mi je poknila os v zadnjem kolesu,nato mi je začel prednji zobčenik za verigo preskakovati, in sedaj ko je garancija potekla so mi crknile prestavne vilice.Priporočam vam da naredite malo bolj vzdržljive motorje.
Moped sem dobil za birmo stric je dal zanj 210000 SIT jez pa sem za popravila zdajal že 58 000 SIT prosim naredite malo bolj vzdržljive motorje, pa če so tudi dražji za par pet tisočakov.
Imam APN 6 letnik 82. Vse še vedno deluje, vendar se pogosto mašita diza in izpušna cev. Moped ima dodatno 5 brzino in leti tudi do 70 kmh. Drugih izboljšav ni! Prav tako imam kritiko glede zavor, ki zelo slabo primejo!
From Matevz
E90 is the best moped ever.I like it so much beacouse is one mistake enaugh to die.
From Dundjerski Pedja, Zrenjanin , Yugoslavia
I have tomos apn6 made in 1983, and it is very good. I think that theese older models are better than this today. But there is a little problem here in Yugoslavia. You can't find original part for tomos engine. Theese that you can find are very bad,and they can't work a long time.
From Andrej
I have APN6s alpino. It is good.
From -
E 90 is the dangerous motor in the northern hemisphere.Someone call it "LIGHT DEATH"
From Alen
I'm Slovene and live in Koper! Tomos is the best factory. I riding BT 50 and this motorcycle is the best. (I can't speak einglish good, sorry)

A5 series

From Hachim
Does anybody has problems with his original colibri exhaust because someone said that it gets pretty vast durty
From VITO from grosuplje slo
yo.i,ve got colibri i,ve paint him on black. we races with the mopeds an iam alwais firs or second but i,ve had an acidente because i,ve driving on nother side of road and car comes to me an drived me and my colibri was smashed bu i,ve preperd him an nov am racein again. good luck vhen you gona drive
From mirjan
it is very nice
From -
colibri is the best


From Vic in Wakefield
My Tomos 50 scoot is great transportation around town and holds its own with cars in local travel. The helmet compartment is big enough for a few groceries or to hold my small duffel in a ride to the train station. Being licensed as a moped in Massachusetts, it costs only $20 a year to register. Plus it's more fun to drive than my '89 Bonneville (or even my old Kawasaki 650 CSR).